“I started my alcohol free journey in June of 2020 and quickly met Allison. Her positive attitude and ability to connect with people quickly made her a mentor of mine. Working with her as a coach, she always knows the right questions to ask to help me realize why I may be struggling. I’m grateful for all of her knowledge and compassion.” ~ Meg

“I’ve struggled with addiction off and on throughout my life. Programs, counseling, you name it, I tried it! My brother found that Allison was coaching people through Zoom using the methodology in This Naked Mind book. With a mixture of reluctance and intrigue about the concept, I called her. I was instantly comforted by her compassion, her ability to listen intently never with any judgment just truest caring about me and my story. Her sharing about her own struggle with alcohol was so real and I felt she knew exactly what I was dealing with. She would ask great questions to help me dig deeper for answers.

Also, she would ask me to write down my feelings when temptation came to visit. It gave me more insights about myself. She will always hold a piece of my heart. So blessed on the day I talked with my brother that I would find a friend, teacher, healer and counselor for life!! I am forever grateful to sweet Allison…the real deal!!” ~ Pegi

”While I was reconsidering the use of alcohol in my life, I found Allison. Her knowledge, experience, and kindness has made a great difference for me which has been so much better than going it alone.” ~ Dave

“Allison has been such an incredible source of strength & inspiration for me on this journey of becoming alcohol free and in showing up as my healthiest and best authentic self. She has walked side by side with me as a highly skilled coach, compassionate motivator, and exceptional leader. Her wisdom and grit gained from her own personal journey and depth of knowledge around the whole complexity of these issues gives her such valuable expertise to now help others with her multi-layered toolbox of practical skills and new ways of not just surviving but thriving!” ~ Kirstin

“Your preparation and engaging delivery were perfect. The topic you covered was not only relevant but also universally applicable, regardless of whether one is thriving AF or still struggling. After the workshop, I was left with a profound sense of calm and peace, and for that, I thank you. You have a natural gift when it comes to connecting with people. Your down-to-earth warmth and kindness shine through, making you a truly exceptional coach” ~Ann